About us

Its the littlest things that mean the most. A tiny moment in time can stand out because it lifted your spirit. I hope to have that impact on others.

I started dog rescue in the early 90s and spent about 15 years doing dog rescue in California. I also ran a dog training business. I loved what I did but seldom made money because I would give away training sessions to those in need. Shelters would call me and say I have this owner and they are going to drop off their dog because it was acting aggressive. I would then work with the person and their dog to resolve the issue. So that the dog could remain with their family. As time went on I focused mainly on aggressive dogs who were at risk of being put down. As the years went on and my son grew he would get very attached to each animal that came through our home to be trained and find a new home. When he was five he let me know that he did not want me to do rescue any more because it made him sad when the dogs had to leave. I took a break for a few years after that.

I had a neck injury in 2012 and gained a lot of weight and experienced severe depression. We moved to Nevada in 2013 and I knew that I wanted property and I wanted to get back into rescue and that I wanted to own more animals. I started doing rescue here in Carson City in 2013 and have rescued quite a few dogs since then.

I had lost a lot of feeling in my back and left arm. I could no longer hold a cup in my left hand to drink my coffee in the morning.  In 2014 I had neck surgery to replace the disks in my neck that were pinching my spinal cord. I realized during my recovery that my animals brought me great joy. First I got two miniature goats named Billy the Kid and Buttercup and I would spend afternoons sitting in the sun with them and enjoying their little noises. Thank you Monica for these two sweet goats. Later I added two miniature UK Shetland ponies. Mackenzie and Lady Anna. Just a small interaction with them would lift my spirits. A nicker from Mack or a nuzzle from Lady would make me want to spend more time outdoors and spend more time with them. It slowly gave me the desire to get out and about again. Then I added two miniature donkeys named Sunny and Cassie. Oh my gosh they are sweet things. As time went on I realized I did not want to just make a difference in dogs lives but I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. I want to be able to share this joy with others.  I decided that I wanted to create a non profit that would allow others to interact with my sweet little ones. I want to have the elderly and handicapped and wounded come touch and feel the love that these animals give.

I hope to see you all here some time.